down to the details

We have every aspect of your project covered, down to the smallest element. LBS’s stamping foils will bring a level of class to the cover of your piece and our headbands add a touch of sophistication to any book.

Headbands & Foil

Decorating Materials: finish with a flair


Headbands add a decorative touch to the head and tail of your book, stocked in a wide variety of colors. In-house manufacturing allows us to supply the short-run, on-demand market with self-adhesive headbands, available for immediate shipment.

Stamping Foils

LBS Stamping Foils are perfect for decorating your covers. They are available in a wide range of colors and widths.

Decorating Materials Resource

Contact LBS and we will help you find the perfect decorating materials for your project. We are here to help.

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