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endsheets for perfect binding

The quality of perfect binding is constantly improving, bringing what many playfully call not-so-perfect binding closer to the strength and flexibility of sewn bindings and making it a more viable option for hard cover books. LBS offers three endsheets designed to combine the speed and ease of perfect binding with the durability, permanence and value of cased-in editions.
Combined Endsheets for Perfect Binding

Combined™ endsheet

  • loads in perfect binder's cover feeder
  • reinforces book's spine with cloth
  • perfect for medium to long edition runs or books with consistent thicknesses such as photo books and year books
Universal Endsheets for Perfect Binding

Universal™ endsheet

  • loads in perfect binder's cover feeder
  • reinforces book's spine with cloth
  • bind single endleaf sheets with signatures for fly leaf effect
Folded Tabbed Endsheet for Perfect Binding

folded tabbed endsheet

  • endsheets are attached as the book is perfect bound
  • the unique paper tab protects the fold during the milling process
  • endsheets can be fed from binder's pockets



endsheet FAQ

Q  Why do I need special endsheets for perfect binding?

A  Book binders choose endsheets designed to work with their perfect binder to eliminate one or two steps in the binding process without sacrificing quality.

The Universal™ and Combined™ endsheets take advantage of the cover feeder on automatic perfect binders to apply both endsheets and cloth spine lining without extra effort or time.

Folded Tabbed Endsheets are attached as the book is being bound. The paper tab protects the endsheet's fold during milling plus the extra layer helps to fortify the endsheet at the hinge of your book.

All three of these endsheets eliminate the need for tipping-on folded endsheets after the book is bound. The Combined and Universal endsheets also eliminate the need to cap or line the spine. 

If you prefer to tip-on your endsheets, LBS can help you with our Folded Single Folio and our complete offering of Reinforcing Materials.

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