Hard Cover, Soft Cover and Lay-Flat Bookbinding

Book Structures

Not every book style is the same. Depending on your needs, LBS has the right materials for you.
Hard Cover Binding

Whether you are sewing or adhesive binding, we have the endsheets, cover materials, reinforcing materials and PrimeOne board for you.

Soft Cover Binding

For turned-edged soft cover books, we have a unique lining material.

For digitally-printed books, we can provide uncoated white and natural text paper. Contact your Account Manager to discuss specific needs.

Lay-Flat Books

When manufacturing lay-flat books we produce and stock cover materials, PrimeOne boardendsheets and reinforcing materials.

Corporate Image Archival Products The LBS family is made up of three companies – LBS, Corporate Image and Archival Products. All share a dedication for service and quality excellence within their own unique niche. Click on their logo to visit their website.