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Heavyweight Lexide cover material is a luxurious replacement for leather board. It is manufactured with a proprietary process that enhances its end-use performance as a heavyweight cover material. Lexide is an exceptionally smooth product that features unparalleled strength and fold endurance while resisting tearing and cracking. As a bookbinding material, it is perfect for menu covers, wine lists, and many other flush-cut applications. As a luxury packaging material, it can be used for rigid boxes or spirits packaging. Lexide decorates beautifully with foil stamping, debossing, and screen printing.

Back Coat 2 - a pigmented aqueous acrylic coating that closely matches the face color. This is a semi-matte coating designed to be glueable but test prior to manufacturing for best results. Standard except where noted.

Back Coat 3 - a pigmented aqueous acrylic coating with a clear top coating which will match the color and appearance of the face. This is a durable coating that is dirt and water resistant and resistant to crocking. It is difficult to glue, and special adhesives must be used.

Back Coat 4 - the same coating as Back Coat 2 but it includes a dulling agent.

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