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LBS' cover material collection includes a wide variety of colors and finishes. Our cover materials are perfect for books, luxury packaging, journals, stationery and more! Choose from over 250 colors with over 360,000 yards in inventory...ready for immediate shipping!

Cover Materials

70# paper. 

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RAINBOW® 70 Papers

A premium grade faux leather. 

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Silktouch Nuba by SKIVERTEX®



Cover Materials

Cover materials: the first impression

LBS has what you need. From subtle to bold and everything in between! Our cover material collections are excellent for journals, book covers, luxury packaging such as perfume and jewelry boxes and spirit packaging.
Woven Collection

LBS' woven material collection includes natural and coated fabrics stocked in a range of colors from subtle to bold and from elegant to traditional. Ideal for books, stationery and luxury packaging.

Non-Woven Collection

Interesting to the eye and sensual to the touch describes our non-woven collection. Ideal for books, stationery and luxury packaging.

Find Your Perfect Shade

Compare the entire LBS Cover Materials collection, every type and every texture with the LBS Color Guide. From the richest black to the deepest blue to the brightest gold. Which color is yours?

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