Reinforcing Materials

60# White Crepe Kraft

An excellent choice when applied on your perfect binder as a backlining material. Because it is white, it will not show through lightweight endpapers.

NEW FEATURE! The LBS production team now has the ability to mark the head or foot of your slit capping materials with a line of color. This new feature will reduce orientation issues when feeding book blocks into your casing-in machine and will eliminate the need for you to mark your capping materials with a pen or marker. To learn more, contact your LBS account manager at 800.247.5323.

Our 100% recycled white krinkle paper can be used in a wide variety of ways for custom projects. The krinkled paper adds a unique texture to your project. It is available in wide rolls, narrow slit rolls or sheets. Please contact us for a sample.

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60# Natural Crepe Kraft

A side-fed crepe-paper used as a capping material and headband feeder.

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