unique and versatile reinforcing materials

LBS' distinctive reinforcing materials support round back, flat back, adhesive or sewn, and most any other style of binding.

Reinforcing Materials

Reinforcing Materials: adding durability and strength

LBS understands the importance of reinforcing materials in the binding process. All of our materials are engineered for superior runability on all types of bindery equipment. These unique products are what hold and form the spine of your book block, thus extending the life of your book.
Side-Fed Reinforcing Materials

Our reinforcing materials include many options designed and tested to run on perfect binders and book-finishing equipment. Each material was designed to fed and cut easily in the bindery and to produce a high-quality book.

Rear-Fed Reinforcing Materials

Our reinforcing materials are designed to strongly reinforce the spine of the book block and have been proven to run on book-finishing equipment that uses narrow rolls.

Packaging & Stationery

Our Reinforcing Materials were designed for book production but they are not just for bookbinding. They can also add visual interest and a tactile feel to your packaging projects. Take a look at our comparison chart or view our reinforcing materials swatchcard.

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