LBS to Acquire Gane Brothers & Lane

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LBS to Acquire Gane Brothers & Lane


LBS to Acquire Gane Brothers & Lane, Inc.
The move combines 275 years of experience to establish streamlined customer service from an industry powerhouse.

DES MOINES, Iowa (November 19, 2020) — LBS, a manufacturer and distributor of materials for the production of books and luxury packaging, has announced its plans to acquire the assets of Gane Brothers & Lane, Inc. The transaction is expected to close by January 13, 2021, subject to customary closing conditions and approvals.

“This strategic acquisition is the result of a compelling fit of Gane’s product offering and industry reputation with our strategic plan of becoming the market leader in supplying high-quality materials and solutions for the bookbinding and luxury packaging markets,” said Rob Mauritz, President & CEO, LBS. “The shared history, established reputation, and complementary product lines between LBS and Gane make the acquisition an ideal addition to our business offerings. It further solidifies our long-standing reputation in this industry as a committed, leading partner for our customers and suppliers.”

Once the acquisition is finalized, Gane’s Illinois operation will be merged with LBS’ operation in Des Moines, Iowa. The company plans to hire additional staff to ensure consistent outstanding service, which customers have come to expect from both companies. LBS anticipates increased stability in the book and packaging markets.

“We are intentionally investing in our core markets to offer our customers a streamlined service experience across the board,” said Joe Dunham, Senior Vice President, LBS Sales. “By doubling down on our commitment to the book manufacturing, publishing, and luxury packaging industries, we can offer a wider range of products as a one-stop shop to serve all our customers’ needs.”

The combined product and customer portfolios of LBS and Gane Brothers & Lane, Inc., will make for a smooth transition for both customers and suppliers. “We’ll be conducting the same business as before, just under one roof,” said Mauritz. “This translates to a streamlined supply chain and even better service without interrupting regular business operations.”




About LBS

LBS is a manufacturer and distributor of materials for publishing, photo books, bookbinding, and luxury packaging. Founded in 1921, LBS has grown from a family bookbindery to a diverse supplier, serving all facets of the book publishing and luxury packaging industries.

Today, LBS is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, with approximately 70 employee-owners. Proud of its roots in the world of fine craftsmanship bookbinding, the company continues to seek avenues for growth, meet the needs of its customers, and work hand-in-hand with suppliers and partners to provide superior bookbinding and luxury packaging materials and products.


 About Gane Brothers & Lane, Inc.

Gane Brothers & Lane has been supplying bookbinding material and luxury packaging material, as well as lining material and bookbinding supplies, to the industry since 1846. Partnering with major cover material, board, adhesive, and component manufacturers has allowed Gane to offer the latest choices available in bookbinding materials, luxury packaging materials, and bookbinding supplies.

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