LBS Combined Endsheet on the Bourg BB 3002 Perfect Binder

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LBS Combined Endsheet on the Bourg BB 3002 Perfect Binder


This is the Bourg BB 3002 perfect binder with PUR glue system running LBS Combined Endsheets. The Combined Endsheet can be used with all kinds of equipment in place of a paper cover to create a book block that's ready to case-in.  

This Bourg perfect binder makes one book at a time. The operator simply loads the Combined Endsheet into the cover feeder and hand feeds the book block into the binder. One after another the Combined Endsheets feed smoothly and efficiently.  

This is no ordinary piece of paper. The Combined Endsheet is manufactured to be your all-in-one bindery solution. Instead of just attaching a paper cover, you're attaching two folded sheets of high quality endleaf and cloth spine lining that strengthens the hinge of your book and the attachment of your book block into the case.

See how well the Combined Endsheet feeds on the Bourg's unique top feeding suction system. It's pulled smoothly into the binder where it is joined with the book block, clamped momentarily to set the adhesive and released down the shoot.  What you now have is a bound book block - ready to be cased in.

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