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LBS: Speed and Versatility

Speed and Versatility for the On-Demand and Short Run World

At the same time that LBS began serving the full-service book manufacturer in the 1990s, a new trend was emerging in the industry: on-demand digital printing. Interestingly this trend was not so new for LBS. “The on-demand print binder actually mirrors what the library binder does,” says Mauritz. Library binders bind books one at a time as they come in, much like the on-demand model. “So we’re very comfortable and used to that mindset of small runs and quick turns and so our business model has really easily transformed to [accommodate] the on-demand book manufacturer.”

“We have never found anyone who can match the speed of service LBS provides,” says Spall. “LBS has a hand on the pulse of the market and they can anticipate our needs to ensure we always have product to meet our customer demand. They are able to supply the appropriate amount of inventory and get materials to us within 24 hours if required.”

Anticipating customer needs is key, says Mauritz. LBS makes it a priority to learn its clients business, analyze past orders, and understand manufacturer’s busy seasons. “We go to their facilities and we work with the operators, the bindery managers, and with the purchasing team to understand their business and make sure we have all the right materials on our floor.”

While speed is key in the on-demand world, it is null without quality products. “The delivery requirements for POD orders are very demanding, and the schedules don’t allow for delays caused by materials which don’t perform as needed,” says Upton. “The high reliability of the materials LBS supplies is a critical factor in enabling us to meet the delivery needs of our customers.”

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