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LBS Spine Hollow--a spine strip alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to binders board spine strips? LBS Spine Hollow is a great alternative!

The advantage of a different kind of case liner, or Spine Hollow, is to hold the structure of the book case together with the spine but also to fulfill the some technical requirements for the whole stability of the book block. That means if you have a very heavy book block and you use a lower grammage then the whole structure of the book block is not well developed.

The main feature of our Spine Hollow is the quality of the fibers and the different layers which have good tack to each other thus preventing delaminating. The second feature is the surface. The Spine Hollow surface means you can’t see the material by itself under the cover material but with very thin laminated paper (which is used often) you can see if the material is not equal on the surface and you can see some waves underneath the cover material.

Finally, we want to mention that we carry two different weights; 300 gram and 600 gram. 300g is suitable for round and square back books. The 600g is only suitable for square back books. Spine Hollow is actually a very unique material since photo books and on-demand books are in produced, until now, as only square back books with thin book blocks and no rounding.

Many manufacturers are using strips cut out of the binders board. And of course you can imagine the small strip with ½” or less width varies if you are cutting this on the guillotine in a separate process. The 600g Spine Hollow offers the possibility to apply rolls on any casemakers, currently on the market, and the process is like on a normal case liner without any stops and without any width differences and therefore we recommend Spine Hollow for bookbinding.

To learn more about Spine Hollow, or to request samples, please contact us. To view this LBS-U video or any of our other educational videos, please click here.

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