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LBS acquires FIM


LBS Acquires FIM Headbands

The move combines FIM’s 48 years with LBS’ 100 years of experience to establish streamlined customer service from an industry powerhouse.

DES MOINES, Iowa (12/20/21) — LBS, a manufacturer and distributor of materials for the production of books and luxury packaging, announced today that is has acquired the assets of FIM Headbands, South Hackensack, NJ. The transaction was completed at the close of business on Friday, December 17, 2021.

“As with the acquisition of Gane Brothers earlier this year, the acquisition of FIM Headbands is a great fit for LBS and our customers as part of our strategic plan to be the logical source for all bookbinding materials,” said Rob Mauritz, President & CEO, LBS. “Bringing FIM’s line of high-quality, US-manufactured headbands into the LBS family of products makes good sense and solidifies our commitment to what is a very healthy book market.”

LBS will merge operations at its Des Moines, Iowa, facilities. The company does not expect to add any staff to accommodate the additional business, utilizing existing staff and processes already in place. 

“As we already work with so many of FIM’s customers, we are in a good position to make the transition as seamless as possible,” said Joe Dunham, Senior Vice President, LBS Sales. “We understand the complexities of these types of transactions and are very conscious of making it as easy as possible for our customers.”

“As I mentioned to a reporter from the Des Moines Register, during an interview regarding our company’s 100th anniversary, we are very bullish about the future of the book and our place in the book and luxury packaging markets,” said Mauritz. “We are already looking at what we can do next to continue our growth in both markets”




About LBS
LBS is a manufacturer and distributor of materials for publishing, photo books, bookbinding, and luxury packaging. Founded in 1921, LBS has grown from a family bookbindery to a diverse supplier, serving all facets of the book publishing and luxury packaging industries.

Today, LBS is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, with 80 employee-owners. Proud of its roots in the world of fine craftsmanship bookbinding, the company continues to seek avenues for growth, meet the needs of its customers, and work hand-in-hand with suppliers and partners to provide superior bookbinding and luxury packaging materials and products.


About FIM Headbands
FIM has been supplying headbands to the bookbinding industry since 1973. FIM offers the largest selection of headband styles and colors in the market. Their US manufacturing and expansive inventory make FIM headbands the industry standard for bookbinders across the country.

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