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LBS knew Bind-On-Demand and Photo Books need binder’s board that is smooth and consistent with warp-resistant qualities. So, we worked with Ox Industries' mill, in Aurora, IL, to develop and launch an exclusive board for the Bind-On-Demand and Photo Book market. We analyzed each step of their operation in order to develop a board that would have the qualities demanded by these markets. Watch our "How It Is Made" video.

The result is our PRIMEONE® board. To make PRIMEONE consistent, we developed a mixture of waste papers and fiber that would result in a warp-free board that was free of blemishes, smooth, and even in color. We use the cleanest waste paper and fiber available.

Of course, these same characteristics that make PRIMEONE ideal for Bind-On-Demand and Photo Books make it an excellent choice for any type of book – coffee table books, cookbooks, travel books, bound paper backs, children’s books and more! With PRIMEONE®, you can bind with confidence.

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