Colored Endleaf Paper

Our 80# and 100# colored endleaf paper is a dyed-through, long fiber kraft paper that is acid free, carbon free and lignin free.The wide color selection and many embossing patterns allows you to customize your endsheets.

Stocked Colors
80# Black
80# Cape Cod
80# Cardinal
80# Charcoal
80# Forest
80# Midnight
80# Natural  (.74 bright, 92.5% opacity)
80# Pearl
80# White (.85 bright, 92.5% opacity)
80# White, Bright (.92 bright, 92.5% opacity)

100# Black, Colonial Embossed
100# Opaque, Textured Embossed
100# White, Bright (.96 bright, 97% opacity)

Other Colors Available Upon Request

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