Folded Tabbed

Our Folded Tabbed endsheet eliminates the need to tip the endpaper onto the book block before casing-in. It consists of a folded sheet with a paper tab extending beyond the fold. The tab holds the folded sheet away from the spine allowing the endsheet to be inserted into a perfect binder with the book block. The tab is ground off leaving the endpaper in the correct position for adhesive binding. The standard tab extension is 1/8". Custom extensions are available.


Similar Product

Make traditional hardcover books with the LBS COMBINED® endsheet using the cover feeder of a perfect binder. This process allows the spine reinforcing material and endsheets to be applied at the same time. The COMBINED endsheet consists of two folded endpapers bonded to a strong spine reinforcing material. Stretch reinforcing materials may be used for rounding and backing.

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